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Link "human digital ​footprint" to an open ​finance platform now!

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An open Identity governance ​program for planet Earth.

A global union of human-machine intelligence, Open Constitution helps ​build trust and consensus over decentralised Internet commerce!

Self governance of citizen ​Identity

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Identity Governance on Open Constitution ​digital infrastructure helps citizens modulate ​and secure their digital commerc​e transactions​.

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Control ID ​anywhere, anytime

Open Constitution empowers partner institutions ​and citizens to take control of cryptographic​ Identity for digital financial, healthcare and e ​governance.

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Why LINK Open Constitution as ​an ID PROVIDER?​

An open suite of machine intelligence based I​D governance for open finance.

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ID Provider for e-residents ​to govern & secure data ​exchange over digital ​ commerce, with dynamic ​regulatory controls.

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Open governance of citizen ​ID registry for registering ​human rights, inclusion and ​accessible healthcare.

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Publicly auditable Smart​ Contracts ledger to ​enhance digital commerce ​and Internet exchanges.

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Self Ownership of Citizen​ Identity data.

With a single machine-human intelligence co-opera​tive, it's never been easier to stay on top of you​r Identity governance across t​he planet.

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